End of the Road is a 73 minute feature documentary which tells the remarkable story of two life-long friends who attempt a journey of great significance. Ridiculed by their friends for not having an ounce of common sense or resilience between them, Sy and Alexis are desperate to prove their doubters wrong.

After purchasing a second-hand car for £100, the pair embark on a fraught and highly eventful 4000 mile journey across seven different countries and a stretch of the Western Sahara Desert. With no knowledge of car mechanics, they must rely on their warmth, charm and strength in adversity to have any chance of arriving at their destination in The Gambia. If successful in reaching their goal, their car (or what's left of it) will be auctioned off for local charities.

With their passion for meeting people and visiting places of natural beauty and cultural importance, this unique documentary also offers a rare insight into the people, places and culture of Western Africa.

The film is a very intimate portrait of two engaging characters whose spirit of adventure and infectious enthusiasm far outweighs any fear of failure.

Banger rally photo

Inspired by the ‘do-it-yourself’ ethics of filmmaker Shane Meadows, the independent film has been a real labour of love. The film’s producer and director, Richard Nicholls armed himself with a camera, two close friends to star in the film and very little else before jumping in the back of their car to document this incredible story. Prior to setting off on the journey, everyone involved in making the film thought that Sy and Alexis's lack of car mechanical knowledge would make for amusing footage. This became slightly less funny when they were standed on the edge of the Sahara desert by themselves with a car that wasn't moving....


In 2005, Richard set up the film production company Swift Films through which all of his work is now produced. Later the same year Richard produced and directed a six-part observational documentary series called Emergency: Firefighters. The series continues to be broadcast on Sky and ITV in the UK and has been sold all round the world. The following year Richard won a Royal Television Society Award for making a broadcast film for ITV about the social impact of the 2006 football world cup.

From 2007 onwards Richard started making a number of travel and adventure films. He directed a one-hour documentary called Race Across America about a solo British cyclist attempting to break the UK record for cycling across the United States. The film was used as the launch programme for a series of documentaries about extreme endurance and has gone on to be broadcast all over the world. In 2010 Race Across America won the Special Judge’s Award‚ at the English Royal Television Society Awards and was nominated for Best Television Production at the Media Innovation Awards.

Richard has also produced an exclusive documentary for Sky and ITV called Graffiti: From Tags to Riches. The film, which examines how graffiti has evolved from social menace to tolerated art form was nominated for Television Programme of the year at the South West Media Awards. Recently Richard produced a 12 part documentary series about Customs officers in the UK for an Australian broadcaster and Sky tv in the UK.

End of the Road is Richard’s first feature-length documentary. He is currently working on his second feature-length documentary; the extraordinary story surrounding a capital murder case in Virginia, USA.



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